Interdependency of SEO and Website Design

The existence of a delicate balance between search engine optimization and website designing often determines the success of a specific website in traffic generation. While each has a different purpose, both are mere complementary processes which would not mean so much if not complemented by the other. No matter how awesomely structured your website is, it will not receive any traffic if it is not optimized. One the other hand, a perfectly optimized website will not benefit the owner of the site either if the visitors will not get a good user experience which will convince them to buy or avail of the products and services offered by the website.

Mankind’s continued dependence on the World Wide Web has consistently inspired many businessmen to put up their own websites. In fact, several hundreds of websites and blog sites are being put up in the internet each day — creating a Cosmo of sites that compete for the attention of everyone who uses the internet. Say for example, if you will use Google to search for something that you wish to find out, you will most certainly be given a list of results sorted to their significance as per Google’s opinion. Search engine optimization can help your website rank high and appear in the first page of the Google search results, but it will be the website design that will attract your visitors to stay on your page.

It is very clear then that search engine optimization is not complete without a good website design. In the same way, a good website design will not mean anything if no SEO (search engine optimizer) will work on it. In essence, both of these website development methods have their own share of complexities. A SEO for example, has to use numerous sub-techniques for his task to be completed. He might have to use article marketing, back-linking and other stuffs just to “convince” Google’s algorithm that their website is indeed significant.

But after the website has reached that level of significance in the eyes of Google, the website design will definitely spell out the difference between an effective website and that which is easily dismissed by visitors as “one of those useless sites again”. It is the website designer’s job to make sure that the website looks good and presentable. In the same way, the designer also needs to make certain that the visitor will easily find their way about the website and remain interested in browsing through the pages in it.