Why Do You Need A Website Redesign Or Website Revamp

Do you think your website need a website redesign or website revamp?

What’s more important is to question yourself honestly whilst viewing your website. This will help you decide whether its worth investing in a website redesign ore revamp

1) So, does your website have a fresh look & feel and up to speed with the latest web 2.0 design & technology?

2) Is your website easy for users to navigate and find what they’re after?

3) Is Your website search engine friendly, so it can be found on the popular search engines?

4) Does it give your users a professional & corporate image?

5) Is it generating enquiries, leads or sales?

6) Does it grab attention?

7) Are you able to analyse how users find your website and which referral sites are driving most traffic to your site, number of visitors per day, what keywords they’ve typed to reach your site, how long they’ve stayed on your site, etc?

8) Since search engine spiders love updated sites with fresh contents, so is your site being regularly updated and fresh?

If you’ve answered NO to any of these, then a website redesign/website revamp is highly recommended. A fresh redesigned website can have a positive impact on your business.

Choosing a Website redesign package:

Choosing the right web design consultant is essential for successful launch of your web design. It does matter if you are a start up, or an established business looking for website redesign. It is imperative that you should consider these details for your website development company, being strong portfolio, strong communication skills, quick turnaround and an eye for customer service and the main one being understanding your requirements.

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