Say You re Mine by Iris Morland

Say You re Mine

She's his enemy, his downfall—and his one last chance at love.

Title Say You re Mine
Author Iris Morland
Publisher Blue Violet Press LLC
Release Date 2020-05-05
Category Fiction
Total Pages 103 pages
ISBN 0987654321XXX

Say You re Mine Book Summary:

She's his enemy, his downfall—and his one last chance at love. After Adam Danvers lost his wife in a tragic accident, he stopped believing in love. Instead, Adam has focused solely on running his family’s struggling vineyard in the small town of Heron’s Landing. When Joy McGuire, a beautiful and clever journalist, moves to the sleepy town, suddenly Adam can’t control his intense attraction to her. She’s witty; she pushes his buttons. He wants to shake her as much as he wants to kiss her. But Joy is a journalist, and Adam hates them all on principle. He saw firsthand how a journalist’s lies destroyed his late wife. Yet as Joy proves that she’s nothing like the writers he’s known, Adam can’t help but give in to exquisite temptation. Soon a conflagration ignites between Adam and Joy. Yet as secrets unfold, Adam must trust in love or lose the woman who’s awakened his slumbering heart. This title was previously published as Seduce Me Sweetly. It’s been rereleased with a brand-new look and with lightly edited content.