Southern Heart by Joan Lee

Southern Heart

Southern. Heart. Thundering hooves grew louder as the men in black gained
ground. Father had warned her not to cut through the woods alone. The
deafening racket increased vociferously, drowning out all other sound. My God, is
it my heart ...

Title Southern Heart
Author Joan Lee
Publisher Lulu Press, Inc
Release Date 2014-08-11
Category Fiction
Total Pages 103 pages
ISBN 9781312391574

Southern Heart Book Summary:

An epic love story! This is the saga of the Oldstrum family of Virginia. Four sisters fight to keep their loved ones in their lives as the Civil War threatens to sweep them away on a swift current of blood and danger. By a sudden twist of Fate, Marjorie, the eldest daughter, is handed the reins of the family fortune. Setting aside their sibling rivalry, the sisters leave the plantation and begin an exciting adventure as they trek into the Virginia mountains to save the best equine bloodlines in the country from obliteration! This is a story of passions and fortunes won and lost-- the metamorphosis of the Oldstrum family, awash in a sea of romance, action and adventure! If you liked "Gone With the Wind," you'll love "Southern Heart!"